It is always an important thing at the Sparroworks to ensure that we have ticked off House Sparrows as early in the year as possible.  It isn’t going to happen around our garden, we have barely seen one for years and the nearest small colony is around the restaurant strip in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue but we had to go downtown today and found a couple of groups happily chirping amongst the detritus in city centre squares.  This is good, the world needs sparrows.

As for the city centre – a bit grey and chilly but a walk through the old town found us these sights.

Along the port frontage in the old town

Downtown modernity from Champ de Mars

Ave. McGill and the eastern edge of "the mountain"


The mid-winter holiday comes to an end – back to pathologising tomorrow.  This is my last full, twelve-month year before retirement but little chance to start slowing down, quite the contrary in fact.