We took the canoe out from Anse a l’Orme today and toured the perimeter of the park at Cap St-Jacques. This time last year the water levels were very low indeed with a lot of exposed mud and sand which was gradually being colonised by southerly moving peeps ……. we took a visiting birder from Scotland there the fist week of August and he was in heaven. This year, despite the high water levels there are actually quite a number of shorebirds along the rocky edges, all very shy and hard to get close to but this might be a spot worth checking over the next few weeks as it is very accessible by foot or, best of all, by water.

There were a small number of Yellow Warblers on one of the islands off Anse a ‘Orme which reminded us that we had a brief visit by one in the garden about a week ago, something that never usually happens at this time of the year, and leaving work last Friday evening a hedge by the roadside was literally heaving with them. This seems unusually early for such activity, but maybe my memory is not what it was.

Crab-cakes ….. nothing to do with birding but my in-house chef created the ultimate crab-cakes last night. Gosh – were they good !!