Mid afternoon is never a good time to go birding, still less when it is as hot as Easter Saturday was.  Nevertheless, you never know until you go and look.  It was surprisingly good, with plenty of interesting early spring activity and some new arrivals.

In the log pile beside the sugar shack a Winter Wren was busily working the crevices looking for insects.  These log piles are a regular spot to see these tiny birds but unfortunately get moved around.  This sighting was clear and definite although rather early for this species in a normal year – on coming home we checked the lists for this season and found that the first Wren was seen at Philipsburg yesterday but it was an earliest for us anyway. A Ruby-crowned Kinglet was in with a flock of Chickadees along birch alley and “soul-satisfying” views were enjoyed of Turkey Vultures, Pileated Woodpecker, Coopers Hawk and Song Sparrows along with several other species.  A Northern Flicker was heard but not seen.

Never go in the arboretum without your binoculars – especially at this time of the year when things are heating up and the migrating species are starting to return.