It’s been quite a week for winter weather with temperatures as low as minus 20degC (minus 30 with windchill) which is a good bit colder than the average domestic freezer cabinet, two snow dumps and some freezing rain.  This can be a little inconvenient – scraping snow off the car after a hard day at work is not a lot of fun – but when the sun comes out as it did today the whole world is lit up and glittery.

Back in England we used to get haw-frost covering trees when it got cold because of the damp air and that can be quite magical (J was over there a few days ago and enjoyed several mornings of it) but that is rare here … instead we get the hard ice coating on everything after a freezing-rain shower.  Just look at these pictures:

These first two are the view we had at breakfast today as the sun rose over the bottom of the garden.




and the other two show the effect of a good coating of ice.  Who needs electric lights at Christmas?