Took a walk along the lakeshore at dusk and added Redhead and five male plus two female Bufflehead to the Bigby list for the year … numbers 99 and 100 respectively.  I was stuck at 98 for a long time – worth getting cold for.

Feederwatch started this weekend for the umpteenth year … nothing terribly exciting, the first birds were Chickadees … but they will pick up in number and variety as the cold weather eventually settles in.  It has been ridiculously mild lately and the birds really do not need our feeders, there is plenty of forage in the wild for them.  If you are not doing Feederwatch … why not?  Sign up now and do your bit for citizen science.

Roll on the Siskins.

… and to continue the recent interjection of political commentary, I very much enjoyed this piece from the New York Times.  Frank Rich is a great writer but here he manages to make Americans sound almost Canadian.  Now that takes some skill.