All the Bigby species for the year have been seen in January and so far nothing new has been added for February – despite many desperate attempts to spot the Pileated Woodpeckers that are within a few hundred yards of home but resolutely refuse to show themselves to me (J, needless to say has seen them several times). However – today we took a bigby-stroll along the river to St-Anne-de-Bellevue and heard knocking from what may been the Pileated although I shall be noble and wait for better confirmation before counting it … and then out on the lock walls at the Ecluse de St-Anne de B we added a Great Black-backed Gull (there is open water by the rapids there) soon followed by two Common Loons. EXCELLENT – snd what’s more, the presence of the Loons indicates that the odd bird is starting to move back north despite the ever-present snow.

Then shortly after lunch a Sharp-shinned Hawk (another new Bigby tick) arrived in the garden, looked around and spotted a pair of Goldfinches clinging terrified to one of our feeders … it swooped low over the birds causing them to panic and fly up into the air then swung around having achieved the effect it desired and simply snatched one of the Goldfinches on the wing, took it up into a maple tree and ripped it apart. A few pictures below – but sadly not including the mid-air capture which was pretty spectacular.

“… What’s that? Lunch?”

“It is !!”

Sounds of rrriiiipping flesh … “Delicious”

“Now – what’s for afters?”