Introducing Favourite Artists

I have read that the basic arts of drawing are no longer much taught in a number of art schools and in the ones that do still offer the subject, it is just one option amongst many. A shame – a great shame if this really is the case. I enjoy drawing, my grandfather was trained as a draughtsman (old school) and taught me how to hold a pencil and the principles of vanishing points and perspective and shading and so on. I think I can reasonably competently churn out a scientific illustration of a leaf or a fly but artistic drawing is still a mountain to be climbed while the years are flying by.

Anyway – I do admire artists who can wield a pen or pencil. I think the two I most admire are these two and if you are not familiar with their work do take time to look through their on-line portfolios.


J and I own a couple of his infinitely detailed etchings – money very well spent. All his work is full of life and animation and wonderfully amusing. In the two pieces we have on the wall we can see ourselves … up to a point.


A British children’s illustrator with an extensive sideline in political cartooning for the Observer newspaper. In an interview he was asked about these two very different sides to his work and he responded: “If doing a simple book for under-threes you use bright primary colours and colourful animals doing amusing things. And when you’re working for The Observer, you will draw nice, colourful things and use animals for amusing effect. It’s about how you communicate visually.”

The Guardian have a nice gallery of some works: