It’s hot, very, very hot (>34degC) and the humidex is off the scale. At lunchtime at work a male Red-winged Blackbird was busily harrassing a Crow that was trying to get too close to its nest (I assume – maybe they just harrass them anyway?) and putting a lot of energy into it. Eventually, after a successful chase, it came and sat beside me as I was having lunch looking for all the world as if it was panting hard, beak wide open and gasping. It’s ahard life being a male bird, glad we don’t have to be so territorial.

Meanwhile the Raccoon family have been back again for their regular scavenging hunt at dusk …. we should chase them away, but it’s not going to happen. Other visitors have included a pair of “new” red Squirrels that , despite their small size, have the usual attitude problem of their pugnacious species and spend more time squabbling and chasing each other than looking for food. Also cute, also welcome to stay.

At the ront of the house, the Yuccas have flowerd magnificently this summer ….. quite a glorious sight in the twilight when they seem to glow.