Not sure whether to give the English or the Canadian title to this … but either way it is over 20degC today under blue skies when it ought to be much colder. No need to join the traffic jams flogging up the autoroute to the Laurentians to go leaf-peeping when we have the Arboretum close to hand. Just a gorgeous, gorgeous day … I’ll keep the words to a minimum and show some images to make Europeans drool with envy:

The edge of one of the open fields on the eastern side of the arboretum with flaming red Sumac below the birches and sugar maple

In winter this is one of the ski trails but just now it’s like this … we decided that this is a good as we have ever seen the colours here as the peak colour has coincided with such perfect light

Very hard to catch the light here – prints look better and the original was a warm honey glow.