This is by way of being an experiment in text creation and probably of little interest to those few people who follow this occasional blog.

What is going to happen, in theory, is that this is being written on my iPad in the iA Writer ’app’ which will then store it in the cloud. Later, I will retrieve it, with here or on my iPhone or my MacBook (cloud synchronization between all my machines – really, really useful) and use the WordPress app to upload it to the blog.

Certainly the Write app is far and away the best tool I have found yet for typing on the iPad, but it needs to also have a simple way to transfer the text written here to the blog. This should do it.

But all of that is boring, is it not. It’s there for my benefit as an experiment. If you are reading it then it is working and that’s the good and the last time we need to mention it.


What is more worthy of note is that the mild weather and the start of the thaw that we are finally having has brought huge numbers of early spring migrants back. A Song Sparrow or two and lots of big bully birds, none the less welcome for that, such as Red-winged Blackbirds and Common Grackles. Even a House Finch finally made it onto the winter garden list. Canada Geese and Snow Geese are also around and interesting ducks will be here before long.

It will be a few weeks before the peak migration but at least things are starting.