13900148_1138448236177589_462128625889322438_nThe Head Gardener recently posted the happy news on Facebook that the kill-rate for Japanese Beetles in this garden had passed 700, mostly found on one large rose bush in recent weeks. Each beetle lovingly and individually drowned in soapy saline solution. The tally has now passed 800 and will soon, we hope, reach 1000.

However, we rather suspect that there are some disbelievers out there who feel these numbers might be a tad exaggerated. Not so, not at all … and to prove it here is a photo of just the top layer of the mass grave they are ending up in – can you imagine the damage they would have achieved had they been allowed to go on in their wicked ways.

Sounds of evil cackling fill the air but we are pleased to be able to report that as each beetle is responsible for 50 eggs a season that means some 40,000 fewer beetles to cause harm next year.