Polygonia comma – Eastern Comma Butterfly

Appeared in the wildlife garden late afternoon and spent some time flying around the pool, settling here and there as it took the fancy. Several times alighted on the bark of a maple tree – see comment below about sap feeeding.

Generally uncommon, the Eastern Comma is rarely seen in numbers. However, in most of its Canadian range, it is one of the most regularly seen commas. It tends to be more common in the second generation in late summer and fall. At this time of year, probably an early second generation insect.

Typically found in moist woodlands, generally seen in clearings or along edges. It likes to feed on sap running from trees and sometimes alights on the ground, usually with the wings closed. If disturbed, it will often alight on a tree trunk or limb and sit upside down with its closed, leaf-shaped wings giving it perfect camouflage.


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