I was “on-call” for the lab this weekend and supposed to stay within easy reach of the telephone but by mid-afternoon today I was getting cabin-fever so we took a tour of the shores of nearby Ile Perrot to see what was about. What should be about at this time of year would be drunken ice-fishermen but instead the water was clear and the sun quite warm. A large raft of Canada Geese (and were there maybe one or two Cackling Geese amongst them – difficult to be sure?) were off the northern shore as the above picture shows ….. it also demonstrates the immense foreshortening effect of a telephoto lens because the dome of the Basilica in the background is a good 20 km further down river from these birds.

Other birds included Mallard, Black Duck, Common Mergansers, a pair of Common Goldeneye, Ring-billed Gulls and several pairs of Greater and Lesser Scaup who obligingly allowed me to take their photographs.

The ‘Big Year’ is getting off to a slow start for me ( a friend is up to 58 species already, but he is more dedicated than I) so I will claim a modest 26 species in 7 days since the start of the year.