A good day …  we started in the Morgan Arboretum where we saw a rare Snowplodicus arboretumii skeletally wandering amongst the pines


… and then headed out into the flatlands beyond St-Clet where we spotted two Snowy Owls and several small flocks of Snow Buntings … ending with the rediscovery of the Snow Bunting roost found by mark a couple of years ago near St-Polycarpe.  Not quite as well populated as in 2007 but a good couple of hundred of birds up in the trees and truffling around on the ground near the road.

On the way we also saw a Wild Turkey (just south of the Montée-Lavigne exit from the 40) and a Red-tailed Hawk (Veaudreuil). There were White-winged Crossbills on the MacDonald campus.

Below are some pictures of these birds and a link to a Google-map showing their location if anyone is going out that way hunting:

Snowy Owl #1snow1

Snowy Owl #2snow2

Snow Bunting “roost”snbu1

Where to find the birds … click the following link

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