Another stunningly hot day today – +30degC in the shade and far too hot to anything but hide next to the AC outlets in the house.

For all that, a circuit of the grounds at Sparroworks Hall was required just to see what was  out and about.  Painted Ladies were out and about once more, plus a few other insects – most far to flighty to settle and have their portraits taken.

The Dahlias, on the other hand, were quietly sitting there soaking up some rays so today we are adding a complete set of portraits of the Dahlia Family 2012 – there are plans to add some more varieties for next year’s show.

All this takes our minds off the impending Quebec elections – whoever wins is going to be a disappointment so Dahlias and Butterflies it shall be.

The Green chappie, by the way, has caused some taxonomic headaches but has finally admitted, after close questioning, to being a “Sweat Bee” – Agapostemon sp. (Family Halictidae)  and quite possibly Agapostemon virescens. Called Sweat Bees, because apparently they will drink sweat from animals’ skin.  This one is a female as it is green all over whereas the males have yellow and black striped abdomens – another useful factoid is that the females are very fast flying but the males are rather slow as they check the flowers for females … “Just cruisin’, guys.  just cruisin'”  It’s good to know these things.

Click on the thumbnails below for a full screen slide show: