Getting away from birds for a day … this is our eleventh summer in north America and, perhaps because of the all-pervading fatty effluvia from McTrash and their clones, we have rarely eaten a burger (ham, beef or otherwise) and have certainly never, ever cooked any. We have also always wondered why you would choose to grind up a nice steak when it tastes pretty damned fine the way nature intended … however, for some reason we bit the bullet this weekend and decided to go for it. Summer in Canada – here we come.

We believe in knowing where our food came from, so pre-ground meat from the store was never an option, nor was a pre-formed `patty`as they call them. Build it from first principles is our way of cooking but we did experiment … hand-cut meat or ground in the kitchen with the KitchenAid magimix. carefully not slicing my fingers, both were assembled (justficiation for twice the amount of meat) and the result was …

  • Burgers (real burgers that is) are low fat and pretty tasty
  • Hand-cut patties taste meatier but take way too long to prepare
  • Home ground steaks are just fine
  • The first salad from the garden of the year was delicious

We are converts … nest stage is to combine a home made burger with a home made sour-dough bun

Before …

… and almost after