Bone crackingly cold last night – pretty chilly all today too.  The new Muskrat fur hat is already proving its worth.

A friend was walking her dog in the arboretum this morning and reports meeting a Coyote of a good 50lbs weight happily trotting along the trail towards her – her dog chased it away.  There is a lot of discussion about the purity of Eastern Coyotes as they are so much bigger and heavier (50lbs being a good weight) than their western cousins and genetic analyses seems to indicate that a goodly number of them are actually coyote/wolf hybrids.  Fortunately, they don’t make trouble and will not confront you,preferring to get out of the way.  Interesting creatures and certainly great survivors.

On the subject of clever dogs – watch this short video.  There are people who can’t think through problems this well:

The writing of the GreenBirding book is almost completed.  Two weeks to tidy up the draft and make the final selection of illustrations and then off to the publishers.  Doubtless they will savage it.  I must say that writing it has been an interesting, and unexpected, experience.