A truly spectacular, bright, sun-filled and bitterly cold day today after yesterday’s general nastiness.  Temperatures of -17degC (-29 with the windchill factored in) but with a good coat and a “stout heart” excellent for walking and taking the air.

Down by the river at the end of the road (you must all be sick of this venue by now) most of the river had frozen over except for a tiny patch of clear but shrinking water inhabited by a remnant group of hardy Canada Geese.

Gorgeous – who would live anywhere else?

Canada Geese hanging onto the last open water of the winter

The ice takes over the river - you can just make out the goose-pond between the reeds

The "promenade" in nearby Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue

New ice

Still five days before work calls to me … the end of year holiday is always the best of the year.  Summer breaks seem to involve much dashing about but at this time of the year you get quiet walks, nice birds, beautiful clear air and a selection of wines and whiskies to get the blood moving again without any need to be unduly sociable … not that we are not sociable people, but a quiet week is restorative 🙂