The sole point of this post is to make sure, by making a public commitment, that my current project is actually going to be completed on time.

After 23 years just looking at wildlife in this region and after the daily species blog posts I published for a couple of years with one new species each day I have been settling down to finally write my magnum opus … but procrastination hovers over my head. I thought that if I made a public commitment to complete by the spring then I might knuckle down, do more than two paragraphs a day and thereby evade embarrassment.

This will be a moderately lengthy book – the working title for now being 1001 Species: A Natural History of a Small Town and will discuss the plant and animal life of the western end the Montreal West Island with particular emphasis on Baie-D’Urfé and the Morgan Arboretum. There will be lots of illustrations and there will be lists … oh, so many lists. I love lists.

I’d like it to be printed but all those photographs and charts will make it prohibitively expensive – especially for what is, let’s face it, going to be a bit of a niche market – so it will appear as a downloadable PDF and in one of the e-book formats, Kindle or EPUB. If I attach a small fee – should/shouldn’t I? – it will be no more than $5

If you would like advance notice of its (eventual) publication please leave your name and an email address in the comments below or email me at

Right, I’d better get down to work again 🙂