Suddenly, in the last four or five days, the trees have started to change colour as autumn approaches.  yesterday, between showers, we took a walk around the neighbourhood with the following results … except where indicated, most of these specimen trees were on the MacDonald (McGill) campus down the road.

Rowan berries … these were in the garden and will shortly be consumed by the birds.  This particular tree has been a great success – we found a tiny seedling in the back of a border when we first came to this house ten years ago and moved it into the centre of the front lawn … for a while we thought it would not prosper but now it is a star of the season.

The next few pictures are from the MacDonald campus, about ten minutes walk away;

Meanwhile, at the arboretum … a fine woolly caterpillar (still to be ID’d)

… and the Sumac take on seasonal colour in the hedgerows

Finally, the gangsters were at it again early one morning last week (low light quick flash shot – not high quality, sorry):