Grand Manan Island in the Baie of Fundy is full of birds, great scenery and surrounded by whales

  • Daily accounts of the trip to Grand Manan with descriptions and a good few more photographs are available – see links at the foot of this collection

Whale of a Tail

The tail of a Humpback Whale seen on a pelagic birding trip from Grand Manan


Nelson’s Sharp-tailed Sparrow

Not at all a common species – pleasing to find in foreshore reed beds


Semi-palmated Sandpipers

These shorebirds congregate in tens of thousands on the shore of the Bay of Fundy as a stop-over in their late summer southwards migration. Something like half the entire world population were present this day.


Atlantic Puffin

A three hour boat trip out to Machias Island found a huge colony of seabirds – including many, very cooperative, Puffins


Bald Eagle


Ruddy Turnstones

… with seals



Another long boat trip to see whales in theory but we just “happened” to see good birds as well 🙂


Night time

Fishing boats in harbour



Great rafts of these migrating small birds far out at sea


Swallow tail Lighthouse

Now run by a preservation trust, satellites have made it redundant


Burrowing Owl

A wanderer, very far from home but making a good living along the shoreline, much to the delight of visiting birders


South End

The southern tip of Grand Manan island


“Brown” Butterfly

ID to be determined


Checkerspot Butterfly

… on Joe Pye Weed


More Puffins

Everybody likes Puffins … so here are some more


Fish drying sheds

Heritage buildings these days




Common Tern

On Machias Island – quite a large colony as well as Arctic terns