A hour’s walking around the more interesting parts of Cambridge … we loved near hear for 20 years but it wasn’t until recently when visiting after 20 years away that a camera came into the equation. You never look properly at the places you live in.  Very interesting city indeed.

King’s College from The Backs

A visual cliché, if ever there was one, but it is photographed by everyone who passes this way (millions and millions of times) because it’s a view that just “works”. I make no apologies for joining the line.

Punting on the Backs

We used to go punting on sunny days … great fun and not as easy as it looks.

The Mathematical Bridge

Connects two parts of Queen’s College across the River Cam. (Quote): Originally used to create the temporary formwork used in the construction of London Bridge, the arch describes an arc of a circle. The main members lie tangent to this circle and their arrangement is designed to ensure they are in compression only with very little bending moment. The connections between these main members transfer compressive stresses. The radial members are fixed normal to the circle of the arch and they support the top rail as well as making the bridge lattice into a more rigid structure. The bridge deck is then attached to the bottom of the radials near the intersection of two tangents.


The London School of Economics spent the war years behind these doors in Trumpington Street just south of Peterhouse College

Trinity Street

Facing south

Trinity Street

Facing north towards St. John’s College

The Cam with punts

From Silver Street bridge

River Cam

Corpus Christie College

The Corpus Clock

The “Perpetual’ Clock on the wall of Corpus Christie College – hard to photograph due to an excess of Asian smartphoneographers. Fascinating thing – find out more at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corpus_Clock

Fitzwilliam Museum

Senate House Passage