It really is truly bizarre. When we gardened in England the “what flowers are in the garden at Christmas” count was a regular feature but this year, with no snow and temperatures above freezing during the day we have been able to resurrect the tradition ….. today, Christmas Eve we have this little Dandelion (hate, hate) and a Hellebore that’s in bud if not actually in flower. A friend has flowering Snowdrops. What is wrong with the world?

Dandelion on Christmas Eve in Montreal !!!!!!

Hellebore buds

Most definitely not anything at all like a Montreal white Christmas should be

….. so we look for compensations and, as the title of this blog implies, that often involves food and wine. Last night it was a smoked salmon pasta with a fresh salad, a bottle of Pouilly Fumé and the traditional seasonal trifle (well traditional in this family at least) while tonight it will be roasted poussin with a selection of green vegetables and a potato galette. As for Christmas dinner – wait for tomorrow’s posting.

Birds …… just the regular guys, nothing special. Even down by the river the ducks have dispersed though they may be in close to shore again this evening. January 1st looms and the start of the “Big Year” – you’ll be tired of that subject before too long.