Squirrels are regulars in the garden of the Squirrelworks/Sparroworks HQ and at this time of the year they know there is food to be had if pnly they could get past the squirrel-baffles we have on the feeders. usually they cannot but right now we have one clever and athletic guy who has worked out that he can just make it with a big leap from the distant tree … made easier by the nearest feeder being this caged version with handy wires to grab hold of. So, this is where he wants to be …

2014-12-21_ 1

Where he wants to be


Sadly (if you are a squirrel) we are cleverer than he is and moved the various feeders around so that now he has to grab hold of a small, tubular metal niger-seed feeder if he is going to make the leap worthwhile and thus far he has failed.

2014-12-21_ 3

Approaching the launch-pad

2014-12-21_ 5


2014-12-21_ 4

In flight

2014-12-21_ 2

Disappointment …. hah!


But he’ll be back, squirrels are good at perseverance if there is the possibility of food.