Nothing special, but the Robin returned and entertained us.  This experiment in posting videos is a first using U_Tube which is a piece of tacky advertising-ridden technology that needs serious editing (my Robin is embarrassed to be sharing space with such dross) but which does allow videos to appear here.

Christmas warm-up exercises

Meanwhile, some other smart birds came for a glass of seasonal cheer …

The Robin in detail

A Blue Jay

… and some of the smartest (if least loved by some) birds at this time of th eyear in their spiffy new plumage:

Nasty weather here … heavy snow (which is OK) on xmas-eve turned to warm rain resulting in the slippiest ice we have ever seen on the roads and paths.  Even today it`s almost impossible to stand up outside and tomorrow we are supposed to be going to take part in the Hudson Christmas Bird Count involving driving round some pretty out of the way minor roads – with freezing rain forecast for tonight and drizzle all day tomorrow.  Looks like a nasty weekend ahead.  Indoors with good books, mince-pies and sherry is the order for today.