On the way out to work this morning a last minute check of the garden birds found a “cute” Blue Jay being fed by a frazzled parent.  Interestingly, although this bird was clearly not one of the group that were being fed a few weeks ago (see pictures elsewhere on this blog) and was still probably way too fluffy to be out of the nest it had been parked on the very same branch as the earlier lot for its breakfast.  One assumes this was a second hatching from the same parents in that case – unless there is something magical about this branch that appeals to them.  it is certainly well sheltered yet near to a good food source (our feeder selection).

Anyway, this time we captures a short video – worth watching, really cute and interesting too.

When you’ve watched it head over the www.greenbirding.ca for news on the GreenBirding front.


Here’s the link for the short video:

Blue Jay Breakfast