New Year’s Day 2012

Here we are again. Nothing special to record other than the usual birds are turning up in the garden for our weekly Feederwatch census. I have been toying with the idea of challenging myself to doing another Bigby this year but I decided today that while I will be out and about and birding happily [...]

2012-01-01T15:58:20-05:00Sunday, January 1, 2012|

Freezing rain

Day four of the daily journaling has to be about freezing rain, of which we are forecast to get up to 10mm today.  There is very little to be said about freezing rain except that it is horrible to drive in, dangerous to walk in and the best thing on earth for cleaning your car [...]

2011-12-21T17:29:22-05:00Wednesday, December 21, 2011|

A New Year and a New Address

Welcome to the new home address for Sparroworking In Quebec ... a combination of technical complexity with a software update and lack of time/inclination to beaver away at solving it persuaded me to shift the whole kit and caboodle over to this new address ... and to take advantage of some layout enhancements and new [...]

2009-01-03T17:49:54-05:00Saturday, January 3, 2009|

On keeping warm after winter birding

When we came to Canada to live almost eleven years ago we travelled with a selection of winter-warmer drinks we had made back in England; plenty of the traditional Sloe-Gin but also some creations of our own including Plum-Rum and Blackberry-Whisky. By careful husbanding of this precious stock we have eked out what we had [...]

2009-01-02T16:00:55-05:00Friday, January 2, 2009|

A new year, an old friend and plenty of birds …

The house Sparrows (our favourite birds) have not been to the garden for months but they arrived today for a new year ... not quite the first species on the year list, that was a Crow, but very welcome. A couple of days ago I decided to see how many birds I could see today [...]

2009-01-01T12:41:07-05:00Thursday, January 1, 2009|

101st and final 2008 Bigby Bird

Need a reminder about Bigby Green Birding?  Follow the link It's the last day of 2008 and it was graced the appearance (at last) of that elusive little bird, the Pine Siskin, whom I have been waiting to reappear around here for the past two years ... they used to be common in winter but [...]

2008-12-31T11:30:17-05:00Wednesday, December 31, 2008|

Sliding for the birds

Boxing day was spent - as it should be - in front of a log fire with plenty of alcohol and some good books but today was the day of the annual Christmas Bird Count centred on Hudson, just to the west of us ... and it was (still is) the foulest day imaginable to [...]

2008-12-27T15:04:56-05:00Saturday, December 27, 2008|

Christmas birds at the feeders

Nothing special, but the Robin returned and entertained us.  This experiment in posting videos is a first using U_Tube which is a piece of tacky advertising-ridden technology that needs serious editing (my Robin is embarrassed to be sharing space with such dross) but which does allow videos to appear here. Christmas warm-up exercises Meanwhile, some [...]

2008-12-26T13:11:22-05:00Friday, December 26, 2008|

A Robin for Christmas

He's a grainy bird, captured in very low dawn light with a hand-held lens at a distance but he's a Robin (or what passes for one in NAm) and he arrived for Christmas Eve ... and so, to all our friends: MERRY CHRISTMAS

2008-12-24T15:02:07-05:00Wednesday, December 24, 2008|

Pre-Christmas ornaments

Most people have lights outside their houses at this time of the year ... as do we ... but nature does a better job of lighting up the season.  These Rowan berries are in our front garden for the pleasure of passers-by :

2008-12-14T11:25:37-05:00Sunday, December 14, 2008|
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