Snow, snow, more snow and birds

Last week we had a good area of snow-free ground and were getting excited about possibilities for the next few days despite some bone-breaking night temperatures, a distinctly colder than usual for the date -20C to start the week off … but now we have to say there is almost no gardening at all [...]

2017-03-17T16:46:19-04:00Friday, March 17, 2017|

Snowdrops and Grackles

As spring approaches (ever so cautiously) it's likely these weekly journal entries will grow in length so from here on we will split the comments up into sections, thus allowing you to skip the bits that don't interest you. Plants For some time friends in Europe have been dangling pictures in front of us [...]

2017-03-04T20:18:31-05:00Saturday, March 4, 2017|

Dopes in Winter

Quite the week for snow as winter finally starts to show signs, albeit very slight signs, of heading towards the end of its run. Days are notably longer and the sun is higher in the sky each morning. All that and it's been a good week for birds ... there are photographs below: Along [...]

2017-02-18T17:40:23-05:00Saturday, February 18, 2017|

Quite the Week

This winter's weather has seen a series of weaker than usual systems caused by erratic behaviour of the jetstream; a night or so of plunging temperatures followed by rapid warming resulting in snow freezing into solid ice followed by "nice" fluffy snow followed by ice pellets then more freezing rain turning to wet rain [...]

2017-02-11T17:15:19-05:00Friday, February 10, 2017|

Marking Time

February is merely as long as is needed to pass the time until March. ~J.R. Stockton A Note: Maybe a weekly edition is a bit ambitious in mid-winter and so, depending on what happens, we will scale back a bit and publish less frequently until the snows start to retreat … BUT, never more [...]

2017-01-14T17:58:22-05:00Friday, January 13, 2017|

Sowing Some Seasonal Seeds

I heard a bird sing in the dark of December A magical thing and sweet to remember. "We are nearer to Spring than we were in September,"   Week ending 18 December 2016 Short explanation: This venerable website has been the repository of random posts over the years, most of which have related to [...]

2016-12-18T16:12:09-05:00Sunday, December 18, 2016|

Death in the Afternoon

  The Lord High Executioner (J) is closing in rapidly on her 500th Japanese Beetle kill and has found other garden residents to help her in her task ... this crab spider was found on an Oenothera plant busily working to turn a Japanese Beetle into a healthy meal. That's what we like to see. [...]

2016-12-07T19:40:16-05:00Saturday, July 23, 2016|

Wildflowers in the Garden

Wildflowers but not "weeds". There are two interesting plants here for consideration today. The tall, yellow one is a Toadflax, but it's hard to know which species. It seems probable (ie: it ticks all the boxes) that it is Yellow Toadflax (Linaria vulgaris) also known as 'butter and eggs' - technically it is an [...]

2016-12-07T19:55:36-05:00Tuesday, July 12, 2016|

England 2016 – a Photographic Sampler

Although not a birding trip, there are birds to be seen; rather more often there are gardens and vistas. The first ten days or so of May were spent visiting friends and family in England. Let it be said that this post is for our own amusement and reference but it has wider appeal, we [...]

2016-05-13T14:50:08-04:00Friday, May 13, 2016|

We have flowers

Finally, last week of April, the daffodils are out and things are looking good ... well, as good as can be expected given the plethora of construction we are surrounded by. Pictures below ...

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