Garden Bird List for 2020

If you are not a keen birder this will perhaps not be of great interest - unless you have decided to really take up birding with the start of a new year and wan a target to aim for. Anyway, assuming you plan to read on ... here is what we saw [...]

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Migration Wave

After  over a week of unseasonably cold northerly winds that held spring bird migration back things changed overnight and we are in a south-westerly air flow that's a bit warmer. Quite a change and we have spent half the day glued to the windows watching the garden, especially the waterfall, as bird [...]

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Nature Baie-D’Urfé

"Community Wildlifing" A few days ago I “launched” a new project in oour town that I have called Nature Baie-D’Urfé. I like nature and spend almost all my free time doing things that involve interacting with nature, be it gardening or wildlifing. But more than that, basically I am a nerd. I am [...]

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Deer and Forest Biodiversity – What is Normal?

What did forests once look like? It has been understood, taken as gospel, that the “Bambi Factor” which prevents hunting and management culls of too large deer populations is leading, in large parts of eastern North America, to a severe loss of forest understory as out of control deer eat pretty well [...]

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Miscellany with Beavers

Several short pieces this week - interesting, amusing or both ... Starting in the Garden We are barely a couple of weeks days into the new year at the moment and apart form regular visits by the birds and the arrival of a little fresh snow there hasn't been much happening ... as you [...]

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The Victorian Internet

Steampunk iPad For a couple of years now I have been making occasional use of this Victorian photographer's studio portrait but it was only today that I noticed that he has what can only be a prototype steam-powered iPad propped against the feet of his tripod. Who knew our ancestors were so advanced? [...]

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The Bay at Night

Baie-D'Urfé well after dark Inspired by some work of a photographer friend I have started to experiment with night-time photography. To get the classic star shots I need (a) an area of dark sky, no chance of that near the city and (b) the right time of year for the milky way to be [...]

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Photograph “Collections”

As regular visitors will be only too well aware, not much gets posted in this journal that isn't accompanied by an illustration - some merely informative or illustrative but some, I hope, a little better than that. If you don't often visit the Photography page you might not be aware that there a small [...]

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Finally – June in the Garden

All months are nice in the garden, but June has to be one of the best for sheer variety. Here are a few flowers we are enjoying as the month begins. Anemone canadensis Viburnum trilobum Spirea (Bridal Wreath flower) Molly's Dell Reliable Iris ... [...]

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