The Bay at Night

Baie-D'Urfé well after dark Inspired by some work of a photographer friend I have started to experiment with night-time photography. To get the classic star shots I need (a) an area of dark sky, no chance of that near the city and (b) the right time of year for the milky way to be [...]

2018-10-14T18:51:17-04:00Sunday, October 14, 2018|

Photograph “Collections”

As regular visitors will be only too well aware, not much gets posted in this journal that isn't accompanied by an illustration - some merely informative or illustrative but some, I hope, a little better than that. If you don't often visit the Photography page you might not be aware that there a small [...]

2018-08-22T13:35:49-04:00Wednesday, August 22, 2018|

Finally – June in the Garden

All months are nice in the garden, but June has to be one of the best for sheer variety. Here are a few flowers we are enjoying as the month begins. Anemone canadensis Viburnum trilobum Spirea (Bridal Wreath flower) Molly's Dell Reliable Iris ... [...]

2018-06-03T11:20:58-04:00Saturday, June 2, 2018|

“Cranbuck” Bread … Modified

A quite delicious “new” bread for eating with cheese and toasted for breakfast with honey and fruit jams. Also excellent with plenty of butter for tea. A couple of months ago I posted some notes on an excellent bread recipe I had worked out that tastes very nice and complex, is easy to make [...]

2018-03-29T15:26:39-04:00Thursday, March 29, 2018|

Really Good Bread

We are in the depths of winter hereabouts so we are wandering off on a parallel path this week to talk about bread instead of gardens. The garden is under a couple of feet of snow and ice and there’s only so much you can say about feeder-birds to engage one’s audience. When I [...]

2018-02-04T09:28:11-05:00Saturday, February 3, 2018|

Falling into a Warbling Week

As the weather cools down (thank goodness) the first tints of autumn are beginning to appear and many leaves are starting to look tired. We have a large bank of mixed dogwoods on the southern edge of the garden and it is full of juvenile Song Sparrows, Purple Finches, House Finches all searching for [...]

2017-09-04T07:31:57-04:00Sunday, September 3, 2017|

The Gardeners are on Vacation

The garden is looking after itself, as are the creatures that live in it. We have gone away for a few days to enjoy the southern migration of shorebirds in the Bay of Fundy. Our weekly accounts from the garden will resume on 20 August ... if you have any questions in the meantime [...]

2017-08-01T13:56:11-04:00Tuesday, August 1, 2017|

Beetles and Butterflies

The invasion of the Japanese Beetles continues in full flow this week and the cumulative totals already exceed those for the same date from last year - and last year we ended up with a final tally of well over 2000 of the shiny little fellows. Hard to think what might happen this summer [...]

2017-07-22T14:29:02-04:00Saturday, July 22, 2017|

A Big Black Bee (and too many Japanese Beetles)

A mostly warm, on occasion too warm, week saw the first arrival in the garden this summer of Japanese Beetles in the usual pale pink rose they always home in on. By the end of the first day J had caught and killed 17 of them and every day since has seen similar numbers. [...]

2017-07-11T11:54:49-04:00Saturday, July 8, 2017|

Fat Berries and Birds

Another week of muggy days, heavy rain and some sunshine with swelling and ripening berries attracting juvenile birds learning their avian skills. The Amelanchier berries are always early ripeners and have attracted the attentions of both American Robins and Cedar Waxwings this week  … as you can see from the featured images on the [...]

2017-07-01T11:31:51-04:00Saturday, July 1, 2017|
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