Fighting Windmill

Built in 1705, still occasionally a working windmill on the eastern tip of Ile-Perrot just across the river from home. It's unusual in being a fortified windmill with narrow slots in the walls to shoot back at attacking Iroquois ... whether they did attack I can't say but there was a fear of such [...]

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The All Hallows Flower Count

The All Hallows Flower Count A quarter century ago when we still lived in England we used to record how many plants were still in flower at Christmas. In Quebec that’s always going to be zero but in recent years J has taken to making an annual list of the flowers still [...]

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Merging Websites part 2

Merging Websites part 2 I have run a separate greenbirding.ca photography-focussed website in parallel to my main web journal at sparroworks.ca for some years and a year ago announced that there would be changes. I have finally merged the most recent twelve months of photo posts from greenbirding.ca with sparroworks.ca and from now on [...]

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Obedience (Physostegia virginiana) Back-lit in the morning light. A native flower that gets its name from the fact that you can, apparently, twist and turn the flower stems and they stay where you put them.

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Brave Little Soldiers –

April 19 and storm from the US brought us several hours of heavy, wet snow. A bit late, even for this location. Noticed that the "Brave Little Soldiers" are wearing Ukraine's colours.

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Common Redpolls

Common Redpolls have arrived in the area the past couple of days in freely moving flocks intermingled with some Pine Siskins. Finally, some "proper" winter birds at last.

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Anemone Bee

Common Eastern Bumble Bee working on the flower of a Japanese Anemone ... despite the slightly cooler weather this week the bees have not slowed down at all. Post processed through Pixelmator Pro and Topaz Sharpen AI

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