Anemone Bee

Common Eastern Bumble Bee working on the flower of a Japanese Anemone ... despite the slightly cooler weather this week the bees have not slowed down at all. Post processed through Pixelmator Pro and Topaz Sharpen AI

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Skipping Among the Orchids

We observed a delightful butterfly in the garden this morning which turns out to be a foreign immigrant (like us) … Thymelicus lineola, known here as the European Skipper and in the UK as the Essex Skipper. Needless to say this is an introduced species, though there are plenty of native Skippers [...]

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Carolina Wren Nest and Young

At last - it can be shared (** Warning - what follows was only observed and recorded because it was possible to do so without the birds being aware that they were being watched. We are only sharing it now that the birds have fledged and departed and there is no risk to [...]

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Wilting Violets

The world is becoming scared of its own shadow and populated by wilting violets ... Earlier today while our on the snowshoes we happened upon a rabbit's foot, some scattered fur and a little blood. Probably a coyote's dinner. I took a photo and posted it to our local nature group Facebook [...]

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Garden Bird List for 2020

If you are not a keen birder this will perhaps not be of great interest - unless you have decided to really take up birding with the start of a new year and wan a target to aim for. Anyway, assuming you plan to read on ... here is what we saw [...]

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Migration Wave

After  over a week of unseasonably cold northerly winds that held spring bird migration back things changed overnight and we are in a south-westerly air flow that's a bit warmer. Quite a change and we have spent half the day glued to the windows watching the garden, especially the waterfall, as bird [...]

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