Crocuses and an Errant Rabbit

This week started off almost 20C warmer than just a week ago - the seasonal changes are so fast in North America, almost like throwing a switch to turn the lights on.  Many crocuses around this week ... splendid splashes of colour and very welcome, but on the other hand: You might think that [...]

2017-04-15T16:26:38-04:00Friday, April 14, 2017|

Cardinal Carnival

What a difference … although it's due to cool down a bit next week, this week has seen temperatures soaring (13C on the day this is being written) to levels so far above normal for the date that it is clear “something is going on”. Well, we know what, climate change and an excess [...]

2017-02-25T11:46:55-05:00Friday, February 24, 2017|

First Snowdrops

The first signs of spring are always the first snowdrops (perces-neiges) pushing their through the snow - or in this case the ice. This is perhaps a couple of weeks or so earlier than the norm due to El Nino and climate change. Good to see them anyway.  

2016-03-10T16:06:51-05:00Thursday, March 10, 2016|

Later on the same day …

A couple more patches of snowdrops emerged from under snow as it melted away and some small species crocus flowers showed beside the front door. One of the snowdrop clumps was being actively worked by an early hive bee. Note the early hive bee

2014-04-10T16:15:13-04:00Thursday, April 10, 2014|

Spring start …

It's a month since anything was posted here ... the parallel birding journal has been busy (https://sparroworks.ca/wildlifing/) but the long winter has meant that there hasn't been a lot to say about the garden for a while other than to once again record that is buried under snow. Well, finally, on our return from the [...]

2014-04-10T11:16:47-04:00Thursday, April 10, 2014|

A cooler weekend

After two weeks of abnormally hot and sunny weather (for the time of year) and a garden full of stressed out plants things returned to normal today and we got cooler temperatures, some decent rain and excellent diffuse light for photography. The hot weather and the blocking weather fronts etc have held back the [...]

2017-11-21T15:30:33-05:00Saturday, May 11, 2013|

A new platform for Sparroworks

Having had great success with using Joomla CMS to build the Sparroworks website for the past few years I have been converted to the alternative WordPress platform as a result of moving the Bird Protection Quebec site over to it recently. WP does not have all the bells and whistles of Joomla but it has [...]

2013-04-15T17:05:03-04:00Monday, April 15, 2013|

Still not spring

First two bits of good news - The new photo gallery is now live and you can visit it at www.sparroworks.zenfolio.com The Red-bellied Woodpecker visited the garden again this morning as well as the Carolina Wrens, plenty of Redpolls, both varieties of Nuthatch and the rest of the gang.  The RBWO checked the feeders but [...]

2013-02-24T15:29:23-05:00Sunday, February 24, 2013|

Flowers in the garden – 5 May 2012

After a damp few days the sun emerged and the grass was cut ("death to dandelions").  In flower today we have the plants in the gallery amongst others ... the gardening season has begun. As usual - click on a thumbnail to see a larger image

2012-05-05T17:56:47-04:00Saturday, May 5, 2012|
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