New Year’s Day 2012

Here we are again. Nothing special to record other than the usual birds are turning up in the garden for our weekly Feederwatch census. I have been toying with the idea of challenging myself to doing another Bigby this year but I decided today that while I will be out and about and birding happily [...]

2012-01-01T15:58:20-05:00Sunday, January 1, 2012|Sparrowsway, Unclassifiable|

New look

It is coming up the Christmas and the New Year I am trying out a new, cleaner "look" for the journal for 2012.  Whether it lasts or we revert to the old one I really cannot say but at the moment I rather like what I see.  The banner images at the head of each [...]

2011-12-16T17:12:43-05:00Thursday, December 15, 2011|Sparrowsway|
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