New Year’s Day 2012

Here we are again. Nothing special to record other than the usual birds are turning up in the garden for our weekly Feederwatch census. I have been toying with the idea of challenging myself to doing another Bigby this year but I decided today that while I will be out and about and birding happily [...]

2012-01-01T15:58:20-05:00Sunday, January 1, 2012|

New look

It is coming up the Christmas and the New Year I am trying out a new, cleaner "look" for the journal for 2012.  Whether it lasts or we revert to the old one I really cannot say but at the moment I rather like what I see.  The banner images at the head of each [...]

2011-12-16T17:12:43-05:00Thursday, December 15, 2011|

Santa’s elf

Being the Chair of the Friends of the Morgan Arboretum has its pleasures and its benefits, even a little glory on occasion, but I am also coming to realise that it also has its downside.  A few days ago I was prevailed upon to give a lead to our volunteers by doing some very visible [...]

2009-12-18T19:00:19-05:00Friday, December 18, 2009|

Sparrowmaster …

A friend who lives far away has declared that she too follows the Way of the Sparrow ... she has been elevated to the rank of Sparrowmaster. Sparrowmasters get to use this - with pride:

2009-07-28T11:52:29-04:00Monday, July 27, 2009|
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