Building is completed … we can sit back and enjoy it.

24 June (Fete de St-Jean Baptiste ... a big day in Quebec) Finished ... well all but for the guttering which will be sorted in a few days. Everything signed off and accepted. Denis and Thomas have done a really superb and careful job. All we have to do now is to put the garden [...]

2015-06-24T15:40:57-04:00Wednesday, June 24, 2015|

A view on the garden

After a couple of months work, the new extension/sun room is almost finished. Just a couple more days touching up to complete and we can move in. We will post some photographs in a few days - meanwhile, here is the view on our garden "forest". Full of birds.

2015-06-21T19:02:58-04:00Sunday, June 21, 2015|

Rejigging the Kitchen

We haven't posted much here for the past couple of weeks as we are in the throws of kitchen renovation which appears to mean that we live and eat in the basement ... read all about it on the kitchen renovation page that will find under the "Miscellaneous" tab at the top of the page. [...]

2010-10-28T16:49:44-04:00Thursday, October 28, 2010|
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