The “Promises Office”

Post-Election Pondering Now the dust has settled for almost a week ... This is a rare deviation from the usual gardens and wildlife topics, but I hope I can interest you during this post-election period in a couple of non-partisan observations on how the process of electing governments might be improved next time around. [...]

2019-10-25T11:37:25-04:00Sunday, October 27, 2019|

Weighty matters

Going off the birds and gardens themes a bit today.  We read in the press this morning that the US right is getting itself into a lather about the supposed falling weight of the President ... apparently a non-weighty president is incapable of dealing with weighty matters.  The ultimate comment came from that profound thinker [...]

2010-03-07T10:13:37-05:00Sunday, March 7, 2010|
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