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Wild Woodpecker Workshop

Out birding on Thursday morning we happened upon this old tree which has clearly seen better days, has gained a lot of boring insects larvae and is now the chosen restaurant for the woodpeckers. There are five or six woodpecker species in this part of the world, the largest being the bit-bigger-than-a-Crow Pileated Woodpecker that [...]

2019-03-15T16:11:28-04:00Sunday, March 17, 2019|birds, photograph of the week, photography|

This Week’s Photograph (10 March 2019)

I feel you are all tired of pictures of snow, however beautiful, at this end of the winter so this week I am again sharing a photograph from my personal archives. One that I like a lot but which I know some struggle with. This photograph was taken about five years ago as the [...]

2019-03-07T15:44:55-05:00Sunday, March 10, 2019|Kenauk, Landscape, photograph of the week, photography|

Picture of the Week – 3 March 2019

Frankly, this week has not been replete with photo opportunities so I looking forward slightly and sharing this picture of sour cherry buds swelling up at about this date a couple of years ago. It's been a rather unpleasant winter - not so much the cold which is normal fore Montreal, but the variation [...]

2019-03-02T18:23:22-05:00Sunday, March 3, 2019|birds, photograph of the week, photography|
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