Sparroworks Reviews #1 – Orchids

Books you might enjoy People who read this journal have an interest in gardens and wildlife and things that grow and make the world a better place. Knowledge is power, as the saying goes, and whether or not you want to be powerful there is a fair chance you will find some of the [...]

2018-09-07T14:25:36-04:00Friday, September 7, 2018|flowers, orchids|

Unexpected orchid

Round the side of the house is a very dry area under trees that is simply provides a link between front and back gardens and is also useful as the place where pots of lilies are placed to grow to flowering and then to recover afterwards (when in flower they are artistically placed in the [...]

2014-08-01T16:39:00-04:00Friday, August 1, 2014|flowers, Garden, orchids|

Late April in the garden

A bright and a sunny day with warm sunshine but a very cold northerly wind restricted gardening activity - other than the ritual first murdering of the dreaded dandelions.  Assorted tulips, Marsh Marigold and the first of the white Trilliums. Indoor another of the tiny, discrete orchids was blooming.  Pleurothallis casapensis no less. [...]

2012-04-29T15:34:00-04:00Sunday, April 29, 2012|flowers, Gardening, orchids|

A New Year Orchid

Today the weather gods are not smiling and freezing rain followed by ice pellets have postponed the planned assault on the sales (sigh of relief) - however, the orchid gods are in a happier frame of mind and the tiny Aerangis hyaloides orchid that I have been nurturing for some months and which has coyly [...]

2011-12-31T11:31:51-05:00Saturday, December 31, 2011|orchids|

Tiny Orchids and a Giant Christmas tree

Day two of the new régime and already I am casting about for a suitable theme for the daily mini photo-essay ... but it is Sunday and that is orchid-tending day so let's enlighten the world about these interesting plants. Specifically, Sigmatostalix unguiculata which those of you who also see my Facebook page will already have [...]

2011-12-18T11:55:31-05:00Sunday, December 18, 2011|orchids|
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