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Bear and Musicians

Around 90 years ago, my grandfather would travel to pre-war Germany "doing business" and on one of his trips he brought back a bear. A very fine bear that as a rather small child I used to admire immensely. As is the way of these things, it eventually came to live with me [...]

2023-03-10T13:41:50-05:00Friday, March 10, 2023|Art, europe, morris dance, photography|

The Dark Morris and Climate Change

Terry Pratchett wrote a wonderful book under the title of “Wintersmith” that mentioned the essential role of the annual silent performance of the Dark Morris in ensuring that winter arrives as it should. I was reminded today, the winter solstice, of this tradition and, as a former morris dancer/musician myself felt the need [...]

2020-12-22T09:09:44-05:00Tuesday, December 22, 2020|commentary, morris dance|
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