A Shetland Ram and “Nae Vedgetabulls!”

A good 39 years ago we were in Shetland with light in the sky at mid-summer midnight, noisy Oystercatchers and a very territorial ram This is going back a few years, 39 in fact to June 1983. We were going to Shetland for a couple of weeks isolated self-catering with wildlife, [...]

2022-12-11T22:10:02-05:00Sunday, December 11, 2022|Memoire|

Red Birds

My first Canadian lifer was the Red Bird, the "Devil's Bird", the Northern Cardinal. Here is a short tale of our first encounter as the kettle boiled for morning tea. (Drawings and photographs are my own) In an earlier post I wrote about the first bird, a European Dipper, that [...]

2022-12-11T12:40:25-05:00Monday, December 5, 2022|birds, Memoire|

A Bird and a River

This is the first of what will probably be a very occasional series of posts, mostly forming a lifelong, personal wildlife memoire. Sightings that are personally meaningful, or scientifically important or which simply have a fun story attached to their finding. One day it may merge with others into a collection in [...]

2022-12-11T12:41:12-05:00Saturday, November 26, 2022|Book, Books, Memoire|
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