Name these squirrels

Name these squirrels (Bird pictures further down - be patient) Keen followers of our postings from the garden with have gathered that a family of four junior red squirrels have emerged from a nest somewhere in our roof and are busy learning to be surviving squirrels in our garden fattening up in the process on [...]

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Life in the fast lane

North American red squirrels never slow down.  They have a two position switch - off and high speed. We managed to snatch a short video of one of them in an old and unusued bird feeder near the house this morning.  This was not speeded up in any way, they are like this all the [...]

2013-03-03T12:11:55-05:00Sunday, March 3, 2013|squirrels, video|

NOT a Great Gray Owl

All week there have been reports of a very cooperative Great Gray Owl in the arboretum while I was stuck behind my microscope at work.  Naturally this was frustrating, especially so as it seems to have stayed pretty much in the same place all the time and plenty of people have seen it.  We didn't [...]

2013-02-11T17:57:38-05:00Sunday, February 10, 2013|arboretum, birds, photography, squirrels, winter|

Kenauk 2012 – the synopsis

Kenauk 2012 The best place on earth(worth noting that this is a somewhat 'manipulated' image ... but you will get the feeling for the place) Anyone familiar with my jottings will be only too well aware, and possibly somewhat bored with mentions of our annual September visits to a remarkable place called Kenauk. [...]

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Blue Jay suppertime

After a lengthy day gardening - many, many weeds after recent rains - thoughts were turning to drinks and a shower when a god-awful racket set up in the trees near the garden pond.  On investigation this proved to be not the Blue Jays swearing blue murder at neighbourhood cats - the usual cause - [...]

2011-06-12T15:21:12-04:00Saturday, June 11, 2011|birds, Gardening, squirrels|

Pairing off …

We went to the Arboretum this morning with the main intention of photographing the first forest-floor flowers of the year (there's a competition we want to win) and indeed we did find some fine examples but arriving in the car park we met a friend (Peter T) leaving and after a conversation with him and [...]

2011-04-24T15:02:29-04:00Sunday, April 24, 2011|arboretum, birds, canada, flowers, Insects, mammals, squirrels|

A very Good Friday indeed

Three days at work after a two week vacation were more than enough to flatten the pair of us (blame jet lag) so a three day Easter weekend was just what the doctor ordered. Hot cross buns have been made and sampled - the recipe will  be posted in due course - and instead of [...]

2011-04-22T16:01:09-04:00Friday, April 22, 2011|birds, Gardening, mammals, squirrels|
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