Around the Garden with Wildlife

We seem to have slipped into the habit of writing a round-up of recent activities in the garden around the middle of each month. This one is being composed as we swelter under a “heat dome” sent to us from south of the border - far too hot to do anything physical at [...]

2019-07-21T11:25:21-04:00Sunday, July 21, 2019|

Something Cute for the Weekend

Eastern Chipmunk - Tamias striatus Although every other creature in Quebec other than Coyotes has visited our garden in the 21 years we have been here we have never seen a Chipmunk before, so we were really happy to see this young fellow scurry across the deck after a major wind and rain [...]

2019-06-28T16:19:13-04:00Sunday, June 30, 2019|

A Family of Deer

Yesterday we were invited to join a small supporters outing and information session hosted by the Nature Conservancy Canada at the wonderful Kenauk Wildlife Reserve  between Montreal and Ottawa. This is our favourite place on earth bar none so naturally we jumped at the chance.  Apart from simply "being there" once again being enough [...]

2018-09-09T08:55:53-04:00Sunday, September 9, 2018|

Spring Bunny

Spring arrived with the vernal equinox just a few days ago and the Spring Bunny has been in evidence ... practicing for his annual obligatory Easter appearance no doubt. This year, thank goodness, he does not appear to ring-barked any of our choicer trees like he did last winter. [...]

2018-03-24T14:58:40-04:00Saturday, March 24, 2018|

The Garden Rabbit Rests plus “Thoughts on Toads”

A couple of spring-approaching items this week. We start with a tale of a rabbit and we end with the (short) text of an essay written in 1946 by George Orwell and entitled "Thoughts on the Common Toad" which is actually a very pleasant discussion on the coming of spring and the pleasures of [...]

2018-03-03T18:03:39-05:00Saturday, March 3, 2018|

Activity everywhere – and “Bee Flies”

STOP PRESS First Garden Warbler of 2017 Just half an hour before going to blog auto-distribution ... the Warbler Magnet garden waterfall has brought in its first warbler of the year. A beautiful Yellow-rumped Warbler. ***************** Phew, got that in here by the skin of our teeth White-throated Sparrow [...]

2017-04-30T10:32:51-04:00Friday, April 28, 2017|

One step forward, one back …

It’s still not spring … Friday saw yet another dump of snow, not a huge one like last week’s but enough to be a nuisance. A month ago, 23 February to be exact, a tiny patch of snow at the base of a tree cleared away and a couple of snowdrops put their heads [...]

2017-11-22T08:42:16-05:00Saturday, March 25, 2017|

Dopes in Winter

Quite the week for snow as winter finally starts to show signs, albeit very slight signs, of heading towards the end of its run. Days are notably longer and the sun is higher in the sky each morning. All that and it's been a good week for birds ... there are photographs below: Along [...]

2017-02-18T17:40:23-05:00Saturday, February 18, 2017|


Gradually things begin to look like a very early spring around the garden and the traditional Nearly-Easter Bunny has put in his annual appearance.

2016-03-20T16:49:35-04:00Sunday, March 20, 2016|

Infiltrators …

We have lodgers … or maybe, I should say, squatters. As you know, for years we have been aware of the presence of red squirrels in our loft and have tried to block off their entry holes when we have found them … always with care as we do not want to lock anyone in, [...]

2015-03-15T15:22:55-04:00Sunday, March 15, 2015|