The benefits of a stumpery

Those who have sat through one of my several presentations about designing a garden to attract birds will have head me speak of “scruffy corners” and “stumperies” and I know that this is a the feature that I have had the most questions about afterwards from the most people. A stumpery was a victorian invention [...]

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Trilliums and Owls

This is a bizarre week - outdoors the sunshine and the temperatures are more like late June than the first week of May and we are already watering less than drought tolerant plants in the garden.  Right on time though, the Devil's spawn dandelions are springing up all over the lawn and claiming hours [...]

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Planning some future birding

I have announced to the limited world that constitute my Facebook Friends that in 2014 I shall be doing a Bigby.  I have said this early so that I cannot easily find an excuse to back out and in the probably vain hope that someone will decide to have a go too and make it [...]

2013-02-09T15:47:33-05:00Saturday, February 9, 2013|

Inauguration of the AKR

A couple of years ago, Bird Protection Quebec (whose president is guess who?) contributed $300,000 to help the Nature Conservancy of Canada acquire a vast tract of land in the hills north of Montreal between Piedmont and Prévost. Today, the government finally signed off on the designation of this land as a recognised nature reserve [...]

2013-01-31T17:58:00-05:00Thursday, January 31, 2013|

The GreenBirding Book – at last

  Finally – after a bit over 18 months gestation, my book about Green Birding has been published.  Well, truth to tell, it is in the publisher’s warehouse but Amazon is only taking pre-orders at the moment ... who knows how the publishing industry works. If you would like to do some comparative price shopping [...]

2012-12-15T12:37:24-05:00Friday, December 14, 2012|

My (Green) Home Birding Circle

Faithful readers of this web-journal will not have failed to be aware of our interest in "Green Birding" which I won't explain here, just direct you to for information. A variant of this concept is starting to be discussed in the places where birders discuss these things.  It is not as pure as really green [...]

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