The benefits of a stumpery

Those who have sat through one of my several presentations about designing a garden to attract birds will have head me speak of “scruffy corners” and “stumperies” and I know that this is a the feature that I have had the most questions about afterwards from the most people. A stumpery was a victorian invention [...]

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Inauguration of the AKR

A couple of years ago, Bird Protection Quebec (whose president is guess who?) contributed $300,000 to help the Nature Conservancy of Canada acquire a vast tract of land in the hills north of Montreal between Piedmont and Prévost. Today, the government finally signed off on the designation of this land as a recognised nature reserve [...]

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The GreenBirding Book – at last

  Finally – after a bit over 18 months gestation, my book about Green Birding has been published.  Well, truth to tell, it is in the publisher’s warehouse but Amazon is only taking pre-orders at the moment ... who knows how the publishing industry works. If you would like to do some comparative price shopping [...]

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My (Green) Home Birding Circle

Faithful readers of this web-journal will not have failed to be aware of our interest in "Green Birding" which I won't explain here, just direct you to for information. A variant of this concept is starting to be discussed in the places where birders discuss these things.  It is not as pure as really green [...]

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