A transformative experience

I read in the (Observer on-line) newspaper that "Sourdough-production is one of those kitchen routines that's somehow life-affirming and transformative" and also that, compared to mass-produced pap, "Sourdough, by contrast, is bread with immense character, with presence – bread with a point. And that's why I think you might want to have a go at [...]

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Iranian bread (sort of)

We purchased an Iranian flat(ish) bread recently that was so excellent I tried to reproduce it.  What I managed to come up with - and this is a work in progress that has to be refined - was a perfect simulacrum of the original in all respects except that it was most decidedly not flat [...]

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Christmas food highlights – part 1

Food is important and home made comestibles even more so ... a few highlights thus far have included: The Great Christmas Cake - the band on top have played there for decades and the design has never changed. All is well with the world. The Great Glazed Ham - this started the [...]

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Boeuf en croute

Today was the first day at work of the new year and not much happened other than everything got very cold as the temperature plummeted ... still very little snow though.  One small item of interest found in the press - you thought there was a recession on at the moment?  Wrong, sales of Bentleys [...]

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Brown Downy and Chocolate Pastry

Now the snow has come we have seen more activity at the feeders, including this Downy Woodpecker with brown feathers on he wings instead of the regulation black.  We had one a couple of years ago but this variation is not at all common and worthy of mention ... It also counts towards by quota [...]

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Redpolls (at last)

This morning we received an email from a British birder stranded in Montreal for the weekend and who had found our website ( and was seeking help with ideas for places to go birding ... well, it's very cold right now, down near the minus twenties and heaven only knows what with the windchill.  Anyway, I sent him some suggestions and [...]

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A noicecuppatea … what’s that?

After several years under the banner of "The Way of the Sparrow" the sparroworkers have added "a noicecuppatea" to our journal's headline ... after the fuel that keeps us all going.  On the fridge in our kitchen is a magnet with the immortal reminder that While there is tea, there is hope and it's true.  Nothing [...]

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The Buchaneers go to Kenauk : September 11-16th 2010

A note for our regular readers ... This lengthy entry is more by way of a personal diary than an example of eloquently blogged travellers tales for the cognoscenti but if the text is a little tedious (which it won't be) we hope that the (many) photographs will more than compensate. The format is as [...]

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Continuing the bread story

A short entry ... Today was somewhat of s dull day and so, amongst other achievements, we created a new bread. You will find the recipe and photographs of our Green Olive and Thyme Bread by following the link in the right hand column. Tasty, quite easy and worth the making

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Bread If I come back as anything more intelligent than a rabbit or a squirrel then I might well decide to be a baker in my next life.  Baking bread is just a lot of fun, you keep out of trouble, you put food on the table and you get to share a bottle of [...]

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