Prague Light.

Nine years ago we were birding and botanising in Austria and the Czech Republic with a pause for history and culture in Prague. I was especially struck by the interplay of light on the stone columns in this medieval cathedral.

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Nostalgia – Origins

This will be the third year we have not travelled abroad and next year it will be four when (we hope) a safe visit to chums and relatives in England might just be possible ... sorting out old photographs I happened on a few nostalgic images from (relatively) recent visits. [...]

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Adding Light

This photo was taken in a forest on the west coast of Scotland about five years ago and was remarkable for the mossy layer covering around and bark - extraordinarily atmospheric. More recently, I happened to be reminded of Terry Pratchet's "Wee Free Men" and for some reason this image bubbled to the surface [...]

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An English Field

When we were in England a few weeks ago we chanced upon this quintessentially English field ... on a hot and sunny spring day. The field had cows, it had Crows and Magpies and swathes of assorted small, yellow spring flowers (not all of which were dandelions). For the most part the hedgerows had [...]

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Spring start …

It's a month since anything was posted here ... the parallel birding journal has been busy ( but the long winter has meant that there hasn't been a lot to say about the garden for a while other than to once again record that is buried under snow. Well, finally, on our return from the [...]

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Central European Lifers

41 Lifers from our recent trip to Austria and the Czech Republic. If you like this sort of thing you may be impressed - if you don't feel free to groan and roll your eyes ... here they are in order of sighting. But first, a "borrowed" picture of one of the stars of the [...]

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Carpathian tour 2013 – Birds and Flowers.

**note:  this is an abbreviated trip report for the journal, an aide memoir for us and something preliminary to share with friends.  Accordingly, illustrations are minimal and representative - a more comprehensive (but well edited - we promise)  photo gallery and hopefully the usual limited selection of 'art' photos will be appearing later for anyone [...]

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