Musings on the weather

This is being written from eastern Canada where we get a lot of snow, where it gets jolly cold and where life goes on.  In the past few days the news has been filled with two stories – one a big dump of snow hitting the eastern US and the other being the inability of [...]

2009-12-21T13:07:18-05:00Monday, December 21, 2009|

Natty cycling Bigbyists perhaps?

It was a quiet weekend and somewhat damp on Saturday so I finally got around to something I should have done a couple of years ago and started work on the Sisyphean task of cleaning out the study … in the process of which I found a couple of old photo albums I picked up [...]

2009-07-06T12:04:42-04:00Monday, July 6, 2009|

A recipe for buttery buns …

Petits pains viennois au beurre There is some interest in how the buttery rolls were made .... here goes: Ingredients: Sachet of yeast 3.5  cups warm milk 2 eggs 2 tablespoons sugar 1 or 2 teaspoons salt (optional) 3.5 cups all-purpose flour stick of non-salted butter Method; Dissolve yeast in warm milk, add eggs, sugar [...]

2009-06-27T15:33:30-04:00Saturday, June 27, 2009|

England in brief …

Now we have some photographs to illustrate the message posted here from a hotel room a couple of days ago. Spring is sprung over there with a glorious display of what is probably my favourite flowering tree - the Blackthorn.  Given that you get these fabulous drifts of white flowers at this time of the [...]

2009-04-18T15:45:06-04:00Saturday, April 18, 2009|
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