The Harrogate “Tut”.

This quotation from a book J and I are currently reading is directed at Yorkshire friends who will, I hope, instinctively know the lady in the last sentence. For everyone else, even those poor souls who do not know where Yorkshire is, I am sure that you will be amused. The book [...]

2021-09-02T18:54:47-04:00Thursday, September 2, 2021|

Chez Nous

We have a much loved etching by the English artist Graham Clarke hanging in our dining room ... admire it every day. This is another of his works that pretty well sums up life for us these days - apart from the thatched roof. No complaints.

2021-07-14T12:42:08-04:00Wednesday, July 14, 2021|

Vintage Pictures

Pictures From a Different Age For reasons I won't bore you with I have been evaluating a couple of software packages for "digitally developing" RAW format photos from my cameras.  One of the test pictures I have been working with was taken in May of this year in England when, with friends, we [...]

2019-09-08T12:05:49-04:00Sunday, September 8, 2019|

Two Weeks in England

Just a dozen photographs from our early May visit to England - here to share a dozen or so photographs that friends on Facebook have voted the best of the bunch.  We like them also. At the Pightle Hogwarts looming over the British National Library Pre-storm light [...]

2019-06-09T12:53:26-04:00Sunday, June 9, 2019|

An English Field

When we were in England a few weeks ago we chanced upon this quintessentially English field ... on a hot and sunny spring day. The field had cows, it had Crows and Magpies and swathes of assorted small, yellow spring flowers (not all of which were dandelions). For the most part the hedgerows had [...]

2018-05-29T13:54:17-04:00Tuesday, May 29, 2018|

Cambridge – an Hour with a Small Camera

Some days ago I found myself with a bit over an hour to go wandering in the tourist-rich streets of Cambridge (that's the real Cambridge in Cambridgeshire, England) while my companions were doing something cultural in the Fitzwilliam Museum. We lived near to Cambridge for rather more than a couple of decades before moving to [...]

2018-05-10T13:52:49-04:00Thursday, May 10, 2018|

England 2016 – a Photographic Sampler

Although not a birding trip, there are birds to be seen; rather more often there are gardens and vistas. The first ten days or so of May were spent visiting friends and family in England. Let it be said that this post is for our own amusement and reference but it has wider appeal, we [...]

2016-05-13T14:50:08-04:00Friday, May 13, 2016|

Garden redux

After many months of playing the part of a builder's yard, the garden is finally starting to return to its former shape (not glory yet, but we'll get there in time). It's amazing the effect a bit of decent turf - or sod as Canada calls the stuff - and some warm rain can have [...]

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My Aunt Nancy celebrated her 103rd birthday today and I just received a photo of her celebrating with flowers and a cake ... needless to say, she is no longer all that autonomous but she lives in a wonderful retirement home in a small rural community on the edge of Exmoor in Somerset.  My sister [...]

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Spending a couple of weeks in England doing social and family stuff but the binoculars and field guides are with us, as always, for those times when time permits ... Thus far, however the main birding  - if you can call it that - seems to be the sight of Magpies everywhere ... Magpies being [...]

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