Garden digiscoping part 2 – red birds

This follows yesterday's post. One of the problems about digiscoping is that the depth of field at the extreme magnifications it gives you tends to be very shallow and so, given that you use manual focusing on the scope for each picture (all camera automation in that regard is lost) it can be tricky to [...]

2017-11-21T15:29:06-05:00Tuesday, July 23, 2013|birds, digiscoping, photography|

A better balanced digiscoping outfit

A couple of weeks ago I posted some details about the new digiscoping rig that I have invested in ready for retirement when I could have the the potential of seven day a week birding and wildlifing (it isn't going to happen - I do have other things in my life) ... since when, it has [...]

2013-07-22T19:02:36-04:00Monday, July 22, 2013|digiscoping, mammals, photography|
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