1968 – 2001 – 2022 Nostalgia

54 Years ago !! A few weeks before Christmas, after dithering for a couple of years, we took advantage of a seasonal offer at Best Buy and bought a new (Sony OLED) TV. This afternoon I finally got around to hooking up a DVD player - I mean, who uses DVD anymore? - [...]

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Focusing on Sheep

Getting right to the point ... the focal point I like to do macrophotography - getting really close in on small features such as flowers and insects. But it has always had a significant limitation - depth of field. Not all of your subject is guaranteed to be in focus. I use a [...]

2021-02-09T17:48:59-05:00Tuesday, February 9, 2021|computing, photography|

Cloud computing explained

This is actually an advert for a tech company but the artwork is superb, the reader is Stephen fry so always worth listening to and the explanation of a difficult topic remarkably cogent ...

2013-12-09T17:50:13-05:00Monday, December 9, 2013|computing|

Experiment – and bully birds

This is by way of being an experiment in text creation and probably of little interest to those few people who follow this occasional blog. What is going to happen, in theory, is that this is being written on my iPad in the iA Writer ’app’ which will then store it in the cloud. Later, [...]

2012-03-09T16:44:55-05:00Friday, March 9, 2012|birds, computing|

New ventures

This journal has just added a facility for you all (all nnnn of you) to record your email address and to thereby receive an automatic message announcing any new posts on the site ... how can you not want to sign up to that service?  Oh, and also you can now print, email or post [...]

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