Three Pines and The Wrong Bear – Oh Dear

Laughs follow ... Bear with me - I will get to the bear further down the page. For a change, what follows is nothing to do with wildlife, birds or even gardening. This a bit of freelance TV criticism - what should be a pleasant weekend bit of mystery watching is turning out [...]

2023-01-16T17:40:29-05:00Monday, January 16, 2023|Books, commentary, Quebec|

Not Much to Write About

It's been a couple of weeks now, while waiting for some greenery to emerge from under the snows, since I had much to post about in the Sparroworks Journal ... inspiration has been hampered somewhat by the tardy appearance of snowdrops, coupled with general foolishness in the wider world. So I offer an [...]

2022-03-13T11:58:53-04:00Sunday, March 13, 2022|commentary|

A Measured Response to the “Freedom Convoy”

The world is no doubt well aware of the misguided "Freedom to Do What We Like" truckers' convoy and rally descending on Ottawa this weekend to persuade our government to remove all vaccine etc mandates and more. They intend to demand the Governor General dissolves Parliament and appoints their leaders to run the [...]

2022-01-29T08:06:09-05:00Friday, January 28, 2022|commentary|

Deconstructing Murder

Time to come out to the world. With some trepidation and not a small amount of embarrassment. Since last year, on days when the TV news has been "all covid, all of the time" but not saying anything new, we have indulged ourselves by watching Midsomer Murders on the streaming channel. You will [...]

2022-01-23T12:44:40-05:00Sunday, January 23, 2022|commentary|

1968 – 2001 – 2022 Nostalgia

54 Years ago !! A few weeks before Christmas, after dithering for a couple of years, we took advantage of a seasonal offer at Best Buy and bought a new (Sony OLED) TV. This afternoon I finally got around to hooking up a DVD player - I mean, who uses DVD anymore? - [...]

2022-01-15T15:17:07-05:00Saturday, January 15, 2022|commentary, computing, Miscellaneous, Nostalgia|

Personal Thoughts on Social Media

Is it as bad as all that? Recent revelations about the sins of social media and especially the Facebook/WhatsApp/Instagram empire have caused me to pause and think. I wonder if you agree with me? Undoubtedly, there is a lot of scope in a profit-driven organization like FB for misuse, even if due to [...]

2021-10-06T16:48:39-04:00Wednesday, October 6, 2021|commentary|

The Harrogate “Tut”.

This quotation from a book J and I are currently reading is directed at Yorkshire friends who will, I hope, instinctively know the lady in the last sentence. For everyone else, even those poor souls who do not know where Yorkshire is, I am sure that you will be amused. The book [...]

2021-09-02T18:54:47-04:00Thursday, September 2, 2021|commentary, England, Food|

Knowing the Neighbours

I am not a person who appreciates, or usually understands, poetry beyond Ogden Nash and the Horatio on the Bridge sort of thing. But there are exceptions. Many friends and readers of this journal will have noted that I enjoy wildlifing on my "patch", which is to say I like to go [...]

2021-08-08T17:34:04-04:00Sunday, August 8, 2021|commentary, Garden, wildlife|

Three-toed Sloth Poop

I have just experienced one of those biological “well I never” moments that makes biology such a fascinating pursuit. This I have to share with you. In a book I am reading (details at the end) I found the following. Quote: "Another example … is the unusual bathroom behaviour of sloths. Three-toed sloths [...]

2021-06-18T22:18:26-04:00Friday, June 18, 2021|commentary, mammals|

Electric Future

Saving the planet, one electron at a time About six weeks ago now, we got rid of our very low mileage (kilometrage?) Honda Civic with only 16,500km on the clock after four years driving in exchange for a spiffy all-electric cross-over Hyundai Kona. We get 460km out of a battery full of electrons [...]

2021-06-16T18:29:54-04:00Tuesday, June 15, 2021|commentary, conservation|
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