Buster was a Good Cat …

Buster was a very good cat … Buster finally ran out of time today and we had to make the difficult decision that the quality of his life mattered more than quantity … This is the first time for about 50 years that we have not had a cat in the house. [...]

2022-12-14T20:43:26-05:00Wednesday, December 14, 2022|Cats|

The Minnie Project

A Tale of an Errant Cat This has been a rather exciting two and a half weeks at the Sparroworks - but entertaining too. Around mid September a neighbour just around the corner posted on the town Facebook group that a cat she was looking after for a relative had nipped out of [...]

2019-10-02T15:44:17-04:00Wednesday, October 2, 2019|Cats|

Rogues Gallery of Cats

A Baker’s Dozen of Cats in 46 Fun-filled Years Everyone posts cat pictures at some time. but we don’t do it often … recently, though, a blog post from 2013 accidentally surfaced on this website and, this being far too hot and humid a day to be outside, it seemed a good opportunity [...]

2019-07-29T14:41:04-04:00Monday, July 29, 2019|animals, Cats|

A Baker’s Dozen of cats we have lived with

Everyone posts cat pictures and so far we have not … but recently we have been sorting out  old photographs and have managed to find a rogues gallery of every cat we have lived with and thought that our journal would be a good place to make the record permanent. Further down the page you [...]

2013-09-23T17:23:44-04:00Monday, September 23, 2013|Cats, Uncategorized|
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