The Minnie Project

A Tale of an Errant Cat This has been a rather exciting two and a half weeks at the Sparroworks - but entertaining too. Around mid September a neighbour just around the corner posted on the town Facebook group that a cat she was looking after for a relative had nipped out of [...]

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Rogues Gallery of Cats

A Baker’s Dozen of Cats in 46 Fun-filled Years Everyone posts cat pictures at some time. but we don’t do it often … recently, though, a blog post from 2013 accidentally surfaced on this website and, this being far too hot and humid a day to be outside, it seemed a good opportunity [...]

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A Baker’s Dozen of cats we have lived with

Everyone posts cat pictures and so far we have not … but recently we have been sorting out  old photographs and have managed to find a rogues gallery of every cat we have lived with and thought that our journal would be a good place to make the record permanent. Further down the page you [...]

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Boxing Day

The wrens were back in the garden (both of them) and one was brave enough to come up to the heated bird batch on the deck. In other news, another food highlight was a gorgeous, onctueuse tarte aux citron for last night's dinner to help ease the goose down.  we didn't get pictures of the [...]

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Some not-so-garden-catalogue things

Well, he's in the garden but this a cat thing rather than another garden entry.  Ted, like all cats we have had for a long time, does not go a-wandering tout seul.  Dangerous for him and deadly for the birds ... so he has a harness and a long leash and wanders the garden where [...]

2012-08-20T16:39:43-04:00Monday, August 20, 2012|Cats, Gardening|
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