Caught by the winter?

 Who knew – it snows in Montreal in November.  It’s all going to be melted away by the weekend but today we have quite a lot of white slippery stuff and the unprepared motorist, of whom there are many around here, did not have their winter tires on the car and so slid off the [...]

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Field trip to the new Alfred Kelly Nature Reserve

A gloriously sunny, but no too warm day was enjoyed by 16 birders who came on this morning's BPQ field trip to the new Alfred Kelly Nature Reserve north of Montreal. We started from the station at Prévost, walked along the old Petit-train-du nord trackbed for a while and then turned off to the Prévost [...]

2011-06-04T19:12:03-04:00Saturday, June 4, 2011|birds, canada|

Pairing off …

We went to the Arboretum this morning with the main intention of photographing the first forest-floor flowers of the year (there's a competition we want to win) and indeed we did find some fine examples but arriving in the car park we met a friend (Peter T) leaving and after a conversation with him and [...]

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Last night we had a moderate fall of snow and awoke this morning to a decent layer of cold, white powder over everything and temperatures a moderate -13degC.  A quick breakfast and then snowshoes into the back of the car and away to the arboretum for a long, long walk under the forest cover. Absolutely glorious, with [...]

2011-01-16T14:10:42-05:00Sunday, January 16, 2011|arboretum, canada|

Winter workshop

A winter birding walk was organised for this morning at the arboretum, but because we didn't know what the weather would be like or if the birds would be showing we added a lecture on how birds adapt to cold and, as an afterthought, a short introduction to bird photography ... that brought them out [...]

2011-01-15T18:12:14-05:00Saturday, January 15, 2011|arboretum, birds, canada|


No - not the Canadian Broadcasting Company but the Christmas Bird Count at Hudson which we were involved with today.  CBCs are a tradition for birders and have been running for 107 years now so the data is building up ... the Hudson one isn't that venerable but it has a good few decades behind it. Unusually [...]

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